Jorjia ClingerMy Passion…is to encourage and inspire people to maximize their potential.

Shapes To Come weight loss center located inside Anytime Fitness in Danville, PA. We offer the alternative to trend diets and eating patterns that only promote short-term weight loss. We specialize in developing lifestyle-based plans that encourage our clients to lose weight according to their daily lives. Shapes to Come can show you how to eat healthfully while not feeling deprived using your favorite foods from the grocery store.

Weight loss, stress and career challenges can all be interlaced. The way you look and feel has a direct impact on your life and career. In my 15 years of successful coaching and administrative management, I have developed strategies to help change how you feel about yourself by creating a plan that motivates you to lose weight, improve your health, and become more confident about your image – I can help you!


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Weight Loss

Feet on a bathroom scale

Why Go It Alone?

Regardless of your weight, eating habits, or exercise routine, we can design a management and support combination that will have you looking and feeling better than ever!

Offering a realistic, personalized, high-energy approach to weight loss management.

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Life CoachingLIfe Coaching

Connect to your power and purpose to reach your true potential

Through the process of coaching, you will become aware of your true potential and begin taking steps toward making your goals and dreams a reality.

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