Why do we Yo-Yo in Weight Loss?

The U.S. diet industry takes in $40 billion annually. Most ads boast quick results and usually for very little effort on the dieter’s part. But think about this, if those companies actually delivered on their promises, wouldn’t Americans be getting thinner rather than fatter? The truth is, those companies could not be making all that money if their methods really worked. They leave out the true outcomes of their plans which include our time, energy, money and emotional investment.

The diet industry has duped us into believing that if we focus on losing the weight quickly (best to hurry up and get it over with, right?) we will be successful. People who lose weight quickly are applauded while plateaus are seen as the enemy in the way of the goal. Many times people abandon their efforts because of a stall in their weight loss. Believing the diet didn’t “work”, they dump that particular plan and move on to the next one.

Most overweight people would benefit by setting realistic long-term goals from the beginning, something that can work for the rest of their lives. The lure of quick weight loss is strong, and there is a temptation to “just get the weight off, and then figure it out from there” but long-term planning must be a part of the initial weight loss process.

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