Why Vegan

We all have questions and concerns about what will happen to our health and fitness as we age. Are we all doomed to become sedentary and dependent on medication or is it possible to avoid all of that?

As you age, the most critical factor in enjoying life is whether you feel good. Avoiding disease, injury and medical intervention are essential. Health is true wealth!

Maybe the best thing about the plant-based concept is that it often sets in motion a “virtuous cycle,” where one positive change leads to another and then to another. When you regularly try new vegan foods, your favorites tend to become part of your everyday diet automatically. So as time goes by, your diet will likely move in a vegan direction without any concerted effort on your part. Plenty of current vegans got there by gradually sliding down the plant-based slope. After a while spent eating more and more plant-based foods, they realized that they were just a few small and manageable steps away from becoming entirely vegan.

“Natural” does not mean organic or non-GMO!