Weight Loss

Why Go It Alone?

Feet on a bathroom scale

Regardless of your weight, eating habits, or exercise routine, Shapes to Come can design a weight-loss, management and support combination that will have you looking and feeling better than ever!

We offer a realistic, personalized, high-energy approach to weight loss management.

The most successful weight loss plans are those that will fit into your lifestyle. This is the strategy behind Shapes to Come Health And Wellness Coaching. Losing weight is a personal issue and the Shapes plans are tailored to fit your daily routine accompanied with one-on-one coaching, encouragement and accountability.

Our eating plan has three components:

  • Rid your body of excess sugar, salt, saturated fats, and possibly animal products during the pre-conditioning period!
  • A three-day “flash start” that redirects your metabolism to start burning stored fats as the major source of energy!
  • The actual weight loss plan – balanced to enable you to lose one to two pounds per week!

Couple this with a seasoned coach who will assist you in setting smart goals, utilizing visualization and affirmations to get you off the yo-yo diet cycle and enjoy a healthy lifestyle for years to come.